When is my MOT Due

Most people including myself live hectic lives. They will often ask themselves the question of when is my MOT due?. This is a very important thought as not having a valid MOT certificate for your vehicle can nullify your insurance and contravene UK law.

If you have bought a brand spanking new car then you will not have to take the vehicle for its annual MOT for the first 3 years after registration. To discover the MOT due date for a new car, you will have to find the cars vehicle registration document (V5). On the V5 look for the date the car was registered. Using this date jump 3 years ahead and the date you land on will be the cars MOT due date. To preserve this date you can choose to have the car tested within a month of this date.

If you are the owner of a used car that is over 3 years old then the car must be tested when is my mot dueannually. In such cases the car in question must be booked in for its test before the MOT due date on the certificate. To preserve the date on the certificate the earliest you can submit the car for a check is one month before the MOT due date. If you choose to present the vehicle before this due date you will lose any remaining time.

You can check the MOT due date using the internet. You will need to access the MOT info page on the Direct.Gov website. The site will extract the MOT due date but will request the current certificate number and the vehicle V5C logbook number.

Finding your MOT due date if the MOT certificate is lost

It’s probably happened to most people, your car is almost due for its annual MOT but you cannot find the MOT certificate and need it to remember the exact expiry date. Some people will try to use the V5 document to estimate the due date but this will often not be accurate. If you presented the vehicle for its previous MOT then you could enquire at the said test centre as they should have a record on their I.T. systems. On the safe side you could just get the vehicle booked into a test centre.


If you are not sure about when is my MOT due then you can use a various methods to identify the date. The quickest method would be to use the internet.  A more sure fire method would be to put the date on a calendar or your mobile phone.

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