Replacement MOT certificate

If you have been frantically searching for your lost MOT certificate then do not worry, it is quite simple and quick to obtain a replacement MOT Certificate. The great thing about the MOT system is that whenever a car is tested the central VOSA database is updated with the MOT test. This will allow a user of the system to easily access a previous MOT Certificate.

Generally you will not need to present your MOT certificate to any authority, so if you have lost it then it is unlikely that you will need a replacement quickly. Also if you think you need the certificate to renew your vehicles Road Tax Disk, you may be surprised to learn that you can Tax a vehicle online. In such a situation the computerised record of your MOT is checked on the VOSA system rather a requirement for a printed MOT certificate.

In a case where you require a replacement certificate you can get a duplicate certificate Replacement MOT Certificatefrom any MOT Test Station. You will need to take the V5C document reference number and the vehicle registration number. The maximum cost to obtain a replacement MOT certificate is either £10 or half the full MOT test fee, whichever figure is the lowest amount.

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